Human ressource is at the heart of the operations set up by the group. We pay special attention to our recruitment processes, training and talent management. Consistent with the rest of the group, our HR practices are based on ethical and deontological principles that rule all our actions : respect of laws, diversity  and equal opportunities, integrity…

Because the loyalty of teams is essential to the performance of the operations offered, FMG sales and marketing gives great importance to the quality and reliability of teams leading, as well as to the trainings provided.


Whether it is CRM, business intelligence or AI, FMG Society have its own resources developed specifically to address the core business needs and meet the customers expectations.

Constantly seeking to innovate, FMG sales and marketing design steadly new applications and enhance staff equipment in order to increase quality, efficency and performance of the delivery.


FMG sales and marketing group is involved for many years in CSR activity and ethic approach.

SORAP member and at the origin of the set up of the chart of the professional union, FMG sales and marketing group insists on a high standard of ethical business behavior.

Commited with all the stakeholders, FMG sales and marketing encourages its subsidiaries to conduct actions to limit their ecological footprint, developp a fair business behavior or assert their social role.

Those commitments and the performance of these actions are evaluated and confirmed by Ecovadis, an independent organization.